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What if you decided to live in a perpetual state of love and joy?

Unlock your Light is an immersive experience that will give you decades of proven methods, tools and strategies, leaving you in raw connection with your joy, passion and power once again! Show up ready to break unproductive patterns and leave your limits behind. You will discover an energy reserve within that will springboard you to the highest level of life possible.


I will be your catalyst and guide as you say goodbye to self-sabotage and self-flagellation and start living like you deserve! Commit to the ultimate experience of personal growth and Unlock the Light Within.

How do I know?

I have had the privilege to witness miracles over the past 17 years. I guarantee you will leave with a deeper connection to the power and light within, a clear path forward and a state of certainty, plus new empowering friendships!


Mark your calendars for...

JUNE 2020!

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