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An abundant life overflows.

My story begins with my mother, Nancy. Following a traumatic childhood and adolescence, she had a personal breakthrough, facilitated by a teacher who could envision my mother’s untapped potential. Her healing and transformation broke cycles of abuse and began a new generational legacy of positivity and resilience, starting with me. I grew up as a character in her redemptive story and at only 13 years old, I started empowering others to own their raw history and author the future they dream of, like my mother did. That’s how TIPPS was born, although it didn’t have a formal name until years later.

Someone out there needs your unique gift to lift and inspire them.

Personal transformation creates a ripple effect that changes families, communities, and the world. The impact will outlast our lifetimes. What will your legacy be?


I am passionate about preventative philanthropy, meaning giving someone the tools now in order to live a life of purpose, passion, and power. I, along with my husband and mother, founded TIPPS to do just that so that another Nancy doesn’t fall through the cracks.

TIPPS is for college-aged men and women who are ready to find their purpose and unleash their potential. This program is free, thanks to my clients and generous donors who believe in changing the world one life at a time.

Over the course of 4 days at TIPPS, we guide participants through a retreat to reconnect with their authentic selves and own their power. Participants should expect a massive breakthrough in their lives, relationships, health, and future careers.

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